Assets Casting Agency - Total Scammers


Never had any work off ACA even though it cost me £700 for photos that I bought for my daughter! I know people may think well.....

The agency can only put you forward to the clients and if you haven't got what it takes you don't get the work?!!! My daughter has since gone to a reputable modelling agency at NO cost and she has received lots of work, so obviously she has got what it takes!

Unfortunately I was scammed like lots of other people are being ripped off and lied too!! Stay away from Assets Casting Agency they're fraudsters!!

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Assets Casting Agency - Scammed

London, England 1 comment

Emailed by 'Cindy' to go for 'free test shoot'. After, looking at the photos, which were great, I was told I'd have to pay several hundred pound for them.

I did after being told how great my photos were and she even said she'd do me a deal so I could have more of my photos since they were of such a great standard and I was just bound to get work. Never heard from them since and am still paying off these bloody photos. Absolute scam.

I feel humiliated and I've lost out on so much money and have now been informed that these photos aren't of industry standard so I can't actually use them in my portfolio. Fantastic.

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Monetary Loss: $800.


Manchester, England, United Kingdom #867601


Assets Casting Agency - Complete conn

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I sent pictures of my 8 month old daughter to the agency and was told to travel to Manchester for a free shoot. I live in Nottingham so it was a distance to travel.

The place was full of children, these people are praying on mothers, promising them modelling work. They then charge you £350 for 7 photo's, totally had me over by saying you can pay 10% upfront then monthly but your child will make more than what the photo's cost so its a good deal.

Stupidly i signed, a few week later I had a letter saying my account has been passed to Oriel, a debt collecting agency to collect the direct debits and i have never heard anything from them again. Be warned this is a quick money making scheme.

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I took my 2 daughters here a couple of years ago im still paying for a disk with pictures on it over a grand and ive never heard a thing from them

Assets Casting Agency - Used and forgotten by amc assets manchester

Littlemore, England 7 comments

Hi I am 16 and was looking at sites for agencies. Emailed photos to amc and they were eager for me to go for a test shoot.

My mum and aunt came with me in august to a seedy photo studio called NYC. An old mill called beehive mill. Left sat for ages, prob bout an hour later hair and make up done, then waited again and had photos taken. This didn't take long, felt rushed then shown to a room where was told ten minutes later I was accepted to the agency.

Was told I needed a portfolio to put on the website and Justine the lady asked my mum how much money she had and shown her a price list. She recommended we had photos because we would only have to have them done again. My mum and aunt bought them together but it cost a lot of money. Cindy the woman was keen at first but as soon as we emailed the photos, we heard nothing again.

I am very upset and my mum is angry.

I feel really let down and will find it hard to trust another company. Amc are horrible and nasty.

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Has anyone paid the instalments ?

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #770245

I did the same for my 5month baby and they emailed sayin great looking child and told me to fix a test shoot and i did bit i had a feeling i shouldnt go and its tomorrow and i want to no shall i go to it or not. Please help

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #753832



I am scared because this Cindy lee woman was very abusive when my mum complained. I will tell my mum and aunt and see what they say. Thank you for website details

to Lucy London, England, United Kingdom #757800

its okay dont worry. do not be scared action fraud is a website belonging to the police so you can trust them.

also if you want to be be sure. call 101 the non emergency police number. and ask for them to put you through to the fraud department. they will give you the number for action fraud.

im scared tooo. but only because the whole thing is hard to talk about. for me. and yea cindy is not real.

its soo weird. she is actually a guy coz when she gave me her number to call a man answered. and also there is a person called claire. and she acts al nice but she is soooooo full of ***.

she pretends to be a worker of amc. but then forgets and answers the phone when you call firefly studios


This is why you should do research before signing up for scams like this--a real agency will NEVER make you pay money. A real agency's income comes from booking jobs for you--not selling you on photo packages or whatever else they're trying to sell.

Just another group of scammers trying to pray on the desperate.

to Anonymous Bolton, England, United Kingdom #755314

I agree. Tried to sell me photos, insisting I would need them if I wanted to be on their books.

Didn't have enough money on me, so was told I could pay in installments. Was a bit wary, so said would have to think about it.

I looked up amc on Google when I got home and saw all these bad reviews. Had a lucky escape

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Assets Casting Agency - I have been scammed by assertive modelling agency too

Not resolved

i went to the studio did the photoshoot the whole works for free AS THEY SAID. then i had to wait hours to see my photos. finally went into the room. saw ym photos and some guy called phill was trying to force me to buy the photos for over 1000 pounds. he told me that the "AGENCY" already wanted to sign me but i had to buy the photos because NO AGENCY PAYS FOR THEIR MODELS PORTFOLIOS. then he kept putting the price down. and saying i had to decide there. he made me feel like i could not leave. then i paid for the photos called my mum. then my mum told me to get a refund as i was still int he room. i then asked for my refund in which he ordered me out of the room. because i was a time waster! and gave me a load of fake numbers to call in roder to get my refund. i never got my refund. i traced the number when my bill came and they are all from different city's aroudn the uk some are from leeds some from london and the photoshoot was in manchester. i would urge everyone to please not use the fake agency. and also Cindy is fake and so is kitty sue. they go around commenting on all the negative reviews they receive. i emailed cindy the next day to ask for my refund and she gave me "the number for the agency to call". i called and a probably man in his 40s answered and he had a go at me. saying that i was a lying little attention seeker. and that the money he scammed me for was nothing. blah blah. he said some disgusting things. but yea. i want to take them down. i think we owe it to other people to raise awareness for this fake agency. ps they also have a lot of other websites such as thi sis the one i went with this is another one linked to them then there is this one

also guys look look they have been officially named as a modelling scam by model

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Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $300.


Swillington, England, United Kingdom #1234490

the name of the family who run it is bowman and they operate a financial company called kingswood their number is 0161 762 0108

Swillington, England, United Kingdom #1234484

This company is run by a financial adviser called steve boardman from kingswood

and an accountant named gaffney they are conmen and make sure their names are not on the companies

they are based in bury and they operate under many different names

be warned do not pay them money just report to trading standards


My daughter also got excited by the initial phone call, thankfully I spoke to them as I am aware of this type of scam. I wasn't going to go there unless I had total guarantee no money was to change hands.

The 'you must have a portfolio' put me off immediately.

I then checked to see if Luxe Models was one of the agencies involved in this scam, oh look, so they are. Thank you.


Thanks for the info I was going to join but on reading the comments I have now not botherd.Theare are a lot of scam merchant in the Acting and modelling game, they are nothing more than parasites and need to be weeded out, of lot of casting agent to who need to be reported , Acting classes to its a big problem they cash in on people Dreams so do the photographers for show reels etc.Thay have no Training no qualifications. (DONT BE CONNED)

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Assets Casting Agency - What a load of fake rubbish.. Hoax,scam

1 comment

Had an email, can't wait to meet you etc. had photo test which is free and then the fun begins!

You will need a portfolio but under no obligation to buy studio pics. But then if you refuse to buy theirs which is extortionate, they then do not want to know and become cold. You are unable to go to the agency so never get to meet anyone. At least I had not paid any money.

Waste of time. They only want money for photographs and studio and so called agency work together.

Such a scam. Avoid and please share your experiences to stop this from happening to others, especially ones who are thinking of paying a fortune because it will get them on the agencies imaginary books.

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Manchester, England, United Kingdom #754739

Have just seen this site and can't believe how much these experiences are like my own. I wish I had read these before I went to amc in Manchester.

They wasted my time and left me distrusting of model agencies.

These people are unbelievable, what they are doing. I am glad I never paid them any money, unlike some poor people.

Assets Casting Agency - Assets model agency scam in manchester

Not resolved

Went for test shoot after sending a photo to amc models. They said they wanted to employ me ten minutes after photographers emailed pics!

Asked if I wanted to buy cd of pics costing from £500 to £2000 pounds. I declined explaining I had my own. As told ok and Cindy lee would contact me. She did but wanted to only know URL of my photographer.

Told her already had portfolio. She sent very aggressive emails and didn't want to know. Never even asked to meet. Obviously this is a scam to make money from photographs and is NOT a model agency!

Have since signed with another agency who requested to meet me and did not want any money. Please,PLEASE AVOID!

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Bedford, England, United Kingdom #891207

I to used them and wasn't in the position that I had my own portfolio. It's been a year since joining them and to date I have had no work no calls no nothing.

Stay Away.

New York, New York, United States #833908

I was someone who has got frustrated, shattered and lost hope totally that I would become a model. I tried different modeling agencies in NYC, but only to waste my money and time.

Then I found Boon Models Agency. Initially, I didn't have any confidence on them, but still I joined just to try. They have the best professionals for every field and good number of contacts with the ad agencies. And you won’t believe, now I have become full time busy with my assignments.

I started going for auditions from the second week itself.

And after a month, now I have handful of projects and I am only left with no time. Thanks to Boon Models for making me super successful in my career.


now that you have started commenting on this post AMC, you ate only giving it more views more time on the internet so it shows up on the first page of google. u dont realise this, but thats what u r doign when u keep commenting on this post.

so i thank you. coz now when people type in amc all these reviews will come up on the first page of Google nice one mate

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Reading, England, United Kingdom #779144

I have applied as well but they asked me few questions like do you own a car and etc does anyone had that?

to decol #779454

why did you apply when there are all these reviews trying to protect people like you from being scammed.


Ive applied and been asked to take a test/interview should I not? :upset :?

to tarns Gosport, England, United Kingdom #778320

do not do it, read all of these reviews they r a scam. and they will pressure u into buying the portfolio.

another thing u could do. is go with 2 people preferably older than u. like parents, and make sure that you all leave your wallets at home or in the car, that way u get to enjoy a good free hair and make up. because they cant forc u to pay for that.

and u can do the phtooshoot. u wont get to take the photos home. but who cares. get ur mum to bring her phone.

but seriously tho.

do not go, u will be pressured so much and u will buy the photos and hear nothign from them. a model creative agency and bella models is their other names

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #771394

:sigh That happened to me too. I went on June 1st 2013 & they said I can't be part of the agency unless I buy the photos, so I had to!

I've been with them for 7 months now and not once have they replied to any of my emails.

I'm currently looking and applying to more casting agencies.... :cry :? :upset

to DB Salford, England, United Kingdom #771446

report them to action fraud they are not a real agency. it is against the law what they are doing

Gloucester, England, United Kingdom #769311

I was invited for a free shoot. When I took more than 24 hrs to call and book, I Recieved a slightly snotty email accusing me of not being serious..

When I asked where they are based in London they didn't reply. :?

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #753835

evryone i think we should all report them to action fraud. they are controlled by the police. wish i knew how to do the website thingy


Somebody needs to take action and set up a web site or forum so anybody who searches for amc/assets agency can read exactly what they are like. It's only after doing some research I was able to come across people who had been scammed as well!

They cover them selves very well and try to come off as a professional agency but are only a cover for a photography studio whose aim is to sell as many photo CDs as possible costing over£1000 s. If somebody has IT experience and knows how to make this site or a similar one priority when searching the web, please do it and save a lot of people time and money.or maybe it's a job for watchdog or rogue traders etc.

please don't be taken in by these vile people. Someone needs to stop them.

to Anonymous Bedford, England, United Kingdom #748786

I got scammed by these people they r rude horrible people and should b stop anyone has any idear who I can complain to please let me kno? And stop this from happening to others????

to Not happy #749221

i agree....action should be taken/ somebody legal is needed. if anyone knows somebody,please ask for help.they are total ***

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Assets Casting Agency - A load of ***

Manchester, England 2 comments

I already have a portfolio and an online website etc etc so I was looking online for agencies and I came across amc agency, i sent my picture in etc etc and 5 mins later got an email from cindy that they were pleased with my photo and that i should attend a shoot, i thought why would i want a shoot when i already HAVE a portfolio, so i rang up and the woman on the phone said they were NOT an agency so i said right forget it then im not interested. Then i get an email from cindy saying that they are an agency and they do sign you and get jobs.

I rang up again and my mum talked to them on the phone and they asked where i had my portfolio done and how much it cost (baring in mind this is a private matter) mu mum briefly told them what I had done previously and then my mum said forget it, then i get an email from cindy saying i have been scammed when clearly i have not because i have had previous jobs from where i got my portfolio done.

I emailed her back saying please can you elaborate on this and she has not replied.

Clearly she just wants your money and will do anything to get it. Dont be fooled by her, she is a vindictive woman and amc agency will NOT help you!!

Review about: Free Test Shoot.



Assets casting r the biggest scammers out there this cindy does not excists it's a made up name and they take ur money and u don't get any work cos there not a real agency stay away from this agencey.

to Mmmmm #745023

I agree. Definitely a scam

Assets Casting Agency - Amc is a complete waste of time and money. AVOID !

London, England 2 comments

I was invited for a free test shoot,was told I was successful and cindy wanted to sign me, however throughout my interview I was told my own portfolio of pictures were not suitable enough, which I thought was strange and then was persuaded to do a photo shoot and purchase new photo's using their company,photo's were quite expensive too. I would like to add I have received no work whatsoever and as for being advertised by their agency its a complete lie !

They stick ur photo on their website and basically forget about you and move on to their next victim !

Please avoid, their just out to make money out of people. I'm just glad I didn't part with too much cash !

Review about: Free Test Shoot.


London, England, United Kingdom #758843

report them to action fraud. they deal with model scams and other types of fraud.

people like them need to be stopped.

type in action fraud on google to see their contact details. or you can get their number from the police non emergency number 101


This was the same for me. Had own pictures but told they were not good and needed to but their which cost over a grand.

Said I couldn't afford it and was completely shunned.

It's just a money making racket. Don't bother going or applying

Assets Casting Agency - Scam agency - to be avoided at all costs

Manchester, England 1 comment
Not resolved

I have been scammed by assetts casting agency based in manchester. I sent photos of my son and the Cindy, the owner got back to me within minutes stating that my son has been accepted and that he needs to go for a test shoot to evaluate how comfortable he is around cameras, however we don't need to purchase the photos.

he had the test shoot and Cindy stated that he been accepted however I needed to buy the photos so that she could advertise my son. I spent a small fortune on the photos and sent them to Cindy and she never gt back to me father that day even though I sent her over 10 emails, she didn't even acknowledge the email with photos. She is a disgraceful, conning and dishonest person.

She clearly makes a profit out of people buying the photos. She should be investigated for fraud !!!

Review about: Casting.

Monetary Loss: $350.


Manchester, England, United Kingdom #754734

I had a very similar experience with my daughter. Told pics were great from test shoot and need photos to put on website.

I couldn't afford to buy theirs and said I had my own.

Cindy never got back in touch, obviously because she wasn't making money off us. I would advise people to avoid amc in Manchester.

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