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i went to the studio did the photoshoot the whole works for free AS THEY SAID. then i had to wait hours to see my photos. finally went into the room. saw ym photos and some guy called phill was trying to force me to buy the photos for over 1000 pounds. he told me that the "AGENCY" already wanted to sign me but i had to buy the photos because NO AGENCY PAYS FOR THEIR MODELS PORTFOLIOS. then he kept putting the price down. and saying i had to decide there. he made me feel like i could not leave. then i paid for the photos called my mum. then my mum told me to get a refund as i was still int he room. i then asked for my refund in which he ordered me out of the room. because i was a time waster! and gave me a load of fake numbers to call in roder to get my refund. i never got my refund. i traced the number when my bill came and they are all from different city's aroudn the uk some are from leeds some from london and the photoshoot was in manchester. i would urge everyone to please not use the fake agency. and also Cindy is fake and so is kitty sue. they go around commenting on all the negative reviews they receive. i emailed cindy the next day to ask for my refund and she gave me "the number for the agency to call". i called and a probably man in his 40s answered and he had a go at me. saying that i was a lying little attention seeker. and that the money he scammed me for was nothing. blah blah. he said some disgusting things. but yea. i want to take them down. i think we owe it to other people to raise awareness for this fake agency. ps they also have a lot of other websites such as

http://www.amcagency.co.uk/ thi sis the one i went with

http://www.luxemodels.co.uk/landing-2.html?gclid=CJSqt-TKj7sCFdHItAodyVAAIA this is another one linked to them

http://www.assetsmodels.com/ then there is this one



also guys look look they have been officially named as a modelling scam by model scams.org


Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Swillington, England, United Kingdom #1234490

the name of the family who run it is bowman and they operate a financial company called kingswood their number is 0161 762 0108

Swillington, England, United Kingdom #1234484

This company is run by a financial adviser called steve boardman from kingswood

and an accountant named gaffney they are conmen and make sure their names are not on the companies

they are based in bury and they operate under many different names

be warned do not pay them money just report to trading standards


My daughter also got excited by the initial phone call, thankfully I spoke to them as I am aware of this type of scam. I wasn't going to go there unless I had total guarantee no money was to change hands.

The 'you must have a portfolio' put me off immediately.

I then checked to see if Luxe Models was one of the agencies involved in this scam, oh look, so they are. Thank you.


Thanks for the info I was going to join but on reading the comments I have now not botherd.Theare are a lot of scam merchant in the Acting and modelling game, they are nothing more than parasites and need to be weeded out, of lot of casting agent to who need to be reported , Acting classes to its a big problem they cash in on people Dreams so do the photographers for show reels etc.Thay have no Training no qualifications. (DONT BE CONNED)

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